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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Make Up Brushes

Now Back to the good stuff!!!

Its important to invest in a good set of brushes. They're the key to great make up, they really do make a difference and they last a very long time if you take care of them.

These were my first three brushes I bought from Alaa2 Dashty at the age of 14 and I still use them today! They're by Kryolan. Kryolan brushes have changed now but I think the new ones are probably just as good.

I also love using these sponge applicators for highlighting the under brow area, I prefer these over a brush.

and then here are my most used brushes. You don't need many brushes, I can do all my make up with the brushes in the pic below. (from left to right: discontinued Chanel Kabuki brush, MAC 226 limited edition brush, Benefit bent eye liner brush, next 3 brushes all kryolan, MAC 287 stippling brush)

I really like the MAC 287 brush I think it gives foundation and blush an airbrush finish.

and then there's these MAC 217, they are probably the worst brushes in my set. I do like how well they blend, but I hate that when I wash them their shape changes and become way too fluffy. If there's a eye shadow brush you like, get another one for blending thats why I have 3 of these..

Finding the perfect brushes is like finding a great mascara. Mascaras look like they have similar formulas but they all have different brushes and great brush make huge difference. Try different brushes see what you like and what works for you

Great brushes= Flawless makeup finish.


Anonymous said...

Your right the brush is very important I got all mac brushes 4years back and I still use them .. And just 2weels back I got brushes from kraylon very nice malat el conceler and malat el 7umra o for shadow and blushes .

PaLoMiNo said...

post 7ada mofeeed!!!
3ad ana embd3aa bel brushes! i never know which to buy!

awl kint dayman ashtry min sephora bas kilsh not long lasting...
than balsht mac bas i never know which to choose!

I want to try kryolan..

thanks for explaining kilshay :)

Hi Maintenance said...

Anonymous- :D

Paloomy- Thanks, E check out kryolan brushes and tell me what you think ;***

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