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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Valentines nail art

I hate wearing red on valentines but I love decorating my nails with hearts or something thats related to valentines.. Heres what I came up with so far... They're not professionally done, im just trying out things..

Which do you like best? and do you have any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

def the white and red, did you paint the hearts on or stick them on?

Anonymous said...

First of all i love ur blog, its like i find all my answers to my cosmetics questions!!
My aunt was asking me abt where they sell the minx nailpolish.. So i thot whos better than u to ask hehe;p
so if u wuud answer me asap plz cuz shes waiting for her answer;p

thankkkkksss loaddss!! Keep up the hard work, ur doing a great job with great input!!

Hi Maintenance said...

anonymous 1 - you paint the hearts on. its a clear nailpolish with red hearts and red glitter and its by maybelline

anonymous 2- thank.. minx stickers aren't sold anywhere. You can get them done at me time (avenues), bubbles (burj jasim), nstyle (albustan), gossip (salmiya) ... if your aunt has a salon she can email info@minxnails.com and get them from there . I've emailed them a few times, they reply to every question u have

Her said...

wow i love it:) gr8 idea

PaLoMiNo said...

alaaah :***

ana 7abait el french ele feeh heart:) on ur pinkie :)

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