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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Health News

Did you know that you should replace many things in your house due to the build of dust, dust mites, bacteria, mold, skin particles, sweat and body oils.

Heres a few things you should replace if you don't want them to affect your health.

  • Contact lens case: Every three months
  • Contact lens solution: Three months after opening
  • Toothbrush: Every three - six months
  • Mascara: Every six months
  • Sunscreen: Every two years
  • Sports bras: Every 30 - 40 washes
  • Sports shoes (trainers): Every 500 miles max
  • Bed pillows: Every year


Bibi said...

Thanks for the health tips ..malait kila I use anonymous abi my name whevener I wanna comment

Um Mit3ib said...

my mascara finishes aslan every 2 months;p

Hi Maintenance said...

Bibi- E a7san identify yourself ;p

Um Mit3ib- madre laish I love keeping old mascaras for bottom lashes ;/

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