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Monday, 7 June 2010

Quick Randoms..

Remember before I said how I really want to try Egyptian magic cream??
 Well I just ordered mine through a kuwaiti girl and she said i'll receive it by  next week!!

Im also now using Viviscal hair pills, got it today from the pharmacy


Good luck to all those who have exams now!!

I dont like arabic rappers! They usually sound stupid.. but not this one

A few things I got recently...

I love stains! So I went and got these stains last month from MAC.. theyr really ugly. I dont recommend them; they all have a very similar color o kilish not natural

Topshop maxi dress;

Forever 21 chain necklace

batwing top by topshop

love the color of this jeans(skinny) also by topshop

sexy backless dress by spoilme boutique


Egyptian magic cream KD 18.500 + taw9eel maybe KD 2? order from : 55890005

Viviscal hair pills KD 20.000

MAC stains KD 8.000

topshop maxi dress KD 19.000

F21 necklace:KD 2.100

topshop batwing top: KD 26

Topshop light blue jeans: KD 19.500

spoilme black dress: KD 67.000

what have you gotten lately?


Enigma said...

sheno hatha magic cream u spend too much time on q8yat.net hahaha


Hi Maintenance said...

google it!! Ive been wanting it since last year egoloon 7ada 3ajeeeeeb! http://hi-maintenance.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-wish-list.html .. hahaha la wallah bs this week! cuz I found a few interesting stuff (egyptian magic, sparkle etc) on that site o I keep browsing searchin for more! :P habba :P hahaha ;*

Zabo0o6a said...

Egyptian magic? shino ysawey?
spill the beans weddi ajareb :P
i'm busy with exams and blogs u know :P not gonna shop im saving
3shan abade3 in landan :P

Cat-Eyezz said...

waayyy kent abiii egyptian magic cream sephora stopped supplying it:( law gaylatliiii gabel la asafeeer ;p heh ebel 3afia babe w please goleeli how the egyptian magic is kent abi as2al a7ad mjarreb;* btw akhart safreti a day w tebahthalt yaraitne msafra ams=(

Fairytaled said...

7ram i like mac stains!
i didnt do clothes/makeup shopping lately. but i got a digital cam by panasonic *getting ready 2 travel* and the new braun epilater #7 smth the one ele y76onha fel tv madre i prefer wax bs glt 5l ajarb :)

Hi Maintenance said...

Zabo0o6a- its a multi purpose cream wayed wayd ymd7ooonaaa!! im gona use it for my dry skin every night (body) ..I wouldnt shop here either if I was going to Landan!

cat eyes: Y did they stop selling it? ana stanast when I saw a grl sells it here!!! 3adi you can order one when u come next time ;*

Fairytaled: Theyr the worst stains I ever tried and if i could return them I would!! E aham shay il camera, where u goin to?? I got a new silk-epil Xpressive too but havent tried it yet :DDD

Boutique 5 said...

ماشالله عليج وايد بلوقج حلووو وانتي دايما متابعته

حبيبتي ممكن تشوفين الستور مالي !
وقوليلي رايج فيه
واذا حبيتي تستفسرين عن شي
هذا ايميلي راسليني فيه


Anonymous said...

Another example of stupid spending kekkekek.

You are a crazy girl. Spent all that on "Magic" lotion.

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