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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My Bday Wish List :D

Today is june 1st!! can you beleive it??
This year is passing by sooo quickly!!
 And after 7 days ( June 8) ill be a year older!! Im turning 19!! or 20???? :P 

I finally decided what I want for my birthday and Im going to share my wish list ..
I got this posts idea from the dear blogger zabo0o6a and I have to agree with her on the part where she said;

"It's not important for the gift to be big to make me happy, a thoughtful sms on my B.day would mean alot to me or a piece of candy that you picked up at the local co-op just because you knew I like it , so C'mon who doesn't like gifts and surprises !"

SO here goes MY  list!! ;
awal shay a7b surprises like a call from a place telling me I got a gift and should go pick it up
 aw going out with my friends o they surprise me with a cake
or see flowers and balloons on my car..
you know all these sweet stuff..
other than that..
I love getting flowers! I actually like 1-3 roses more than a large bouquet
2- any of your favourite products (nothing specific but has to be your favourite!! TRIED AND TESTED) like ;

  • nail polishes;

  • Spa vouchers!! your favourite spa/salon ;

  •   Make up- I dont really like getting make up because I have soo much that most has never even been opened!!
But I like getting products that maybe Ive never discovered?
Im also keeping my eye out for Bassam Fattouhs cosmetic line!

  • hair creams/ tool/ acessories ;


  • acessories (anything other than swarovski!) something you find and like eg from F21, topshop, juicy etc..

  • body/face products;
OR even better, take all the things mentioned above and put them all together,
 wrap them up nicely and place them in a basket!! with a teddy and some cupcakes
Then to the specific part .....
I want a Chanel bubble gum pink quilted bag!

Or one of these LV dome shaped bags, this seasons colors were light pale pink, red and maroon..
 I think I'd like the maroon :P

or some diamonds? something from cartier? or a watch from cartier or chopard? :P

ok thats it, thanks! :P

and BTW I hate it when I feel some one got me a gift just because they had to!!
A nice SMS with happy birthday wishes is better than those gifts!!


:::ShoSho::: said...

Happy birthday in advance..

Mashallah ma 6alabtay shay :P

Zabo0o6a said...

Hehe, I got something that cud fit in the list ;)
So sweet of you to quote me wallah, i feel humbled !

zuz said...

lool ee wallah ma6albtay shay :p bs yestahloon el7ilween ;p and happy bday in advance :D

Cat-Eyezz said...

ghalii wel 6alab rkhees;**

Cat-Eyezz said...

and happy birthday moqadaamm;p

Cat-Eyezz said...

Check these videos out i thought u'd like them:



its 3 parts of one video 3an skincare

Hi Maintenance said...

Shosho- Thanks.. 9ij? hahaha

Zabo0o6a- Allah wanasa!! Thanks!! you gave me the posts idea ;*

Zuz- Okk ill see if I forgot anything :P thaaaanks :* and nice seeing u here!! :D

Cat eyes- aww thanks babe ;** ...
ma7ib make up companies for skincare :X madre laish but thaanksss :***

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