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Monday, 21 June 2010

5 minute make up

Sometimes you wake up and you dont have time to do your make up, im sure you've been through this!

 heres my take on 5 min make up

First I'd use paints by MAC in "architechture"
spread it all over my lids and just above the crease using my finger

then add a brush of shadow, I like something a little bit shimmery on my lids, here Im using MAC "tempting"
 another color I really love is "Patina"

all over architecture, tempting looks like this

highlight under ur brow bone (I choose YSL because it also come with the sponge brush)

in the crease Id use a mix of browns something between "Cork" and "expresso"

using a fat eyeliner like this MAC shadestick in "sharkskin" line your eye rims,
go back and forth quickly to make it look messy and not so perfect

For lips id use a stain (lipliner and lipstick in 1) it looks super natural

I like to use this on my cheeks as blush too

this one is by YSL but im not sure if they still make them

If you dont want to use stains as blush, make sure your blush is in a simmilar shade to your lips ..
Id use something like tippy from MAC hello kitty collection

It all depends on what YOU need...

Who said you cant look good in 5 mins??? ;)


Anonymous said...

useful tips ;) u dont use compact powders in the morning ? i think its a must because of the sunscreen underneath ? any tips on that ?

Anonymous said...

also can we see what the whole look looks like in the end?

Hi Maintenance said...

I dont use anything on my face because I keep reapplying the creams that were prescribed to me by the DR -
and I would put pics but I dont want to use my face / put my pics on the web.. If you have suggestions on anything I could do about that let me know :D

Anonymous said...

you can just take a pic of your eye no need to show your whole face :)

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