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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Nail mess

I've had this Sally Hansen nail art pen for a while but never had time to use it coz I always do my nails at the salon. This time I used it before getting my nails done.

The results.



I made a big mess coz mafini 9abr, I applied the black nail polish and wanted to design immediately! the black nail polish wasn't 100% dry

What I Thought:

*I liked how easy the Sally Hanson pen was easy to use and hold exactly like a pen. I have nothing negative to say about this.

**The 2 way nail art pen and brush has a very long, thin brush which makes it hard to draw specific designs and the pen is also hard to use I don't know the color just didn't come out :/

Salley Hanson I got from the states
2 way nail art pen and brush is from American beauty is Kd 0.750 ( I THINK)


Anonymous said...

i know this isnt the right place to ask but what is the best foundation? i have a fair skin with old acne scars and blemish but not alot. any suggestions?

Nawarii said...

i think it looks great babe bil3aks u did a great job so professional...can i book an appointment with u :D

Hi Maintenance said...

Anonymous- Its hard to suggest like this, but try Estee lauder double wear foundation. It gives a medium coverage and I liked it

Nawarii- Haha thanks! sure anytime

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