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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

long hair... FAST

Last month or ili gabla (since I didn't post about this before and find this useful) I stopped by La mode to remove one of the layers in my hair (y3ni its layered o she cut the longest part to make it as long as the one above). Ilmohim the girls name was Rabya or Rab3a? She did a pretty good job oo she blow dried it for me and I thought it was the best blowdry of the year ;P

While she was blow drying, I asked her if she could recommend something for me to make my hair grow since I've had alot of bad haircuts in the past and I want my hair to grow fast!! She told me that there's a product alot of her customers use isma FAST. So 3la 6ool after the salon I went to boots in the Avenues o the product was there o 7a6een under it "recommended".

I used it for exactly a month o 7sait my hair was getting wayed dry. I couldnt even brush it o lama I did kan wayed e7it. SO I passed it on to my maid to see what she thought of it :)))))))))))

AND SHE LIKED IT!!! her hair is super soft o she said her hair wasn't getting dry fa 3laiha bl 3afya. Im sure there are mixed reviews on this product depending on your hair type. If you want to grow your hair you might want to give it a try

You can find it at boots for Kd 13 something. Shampoo and conditioner come together.


Zabo0o6a said...

I've been using this shampoo for the past 3 yrs , and it's AMAZING !
Specially that i have lots of baby hairs ..

Single said...

I use herbal essences long relationships. its amazing bs u cant find it ella in the states :(

Anonymous said...

I did use it and it was recommended by my sister o both of our hairs 6al.. ohwa ilshampoo alone did dry my hair, bs awal ma7i6 ilconditioner irid 3adi.. bs 9ij sha3ar 3an sha3aR do differ:)

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