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Friday, 18 December 2009

The Truth Behind Kryolan

The salon I work at gives alot of make up classes and if I have nothing to do I just go sit in the class or join as an assistant. A FAQ there from the students is "why does this salon and most kuwaiti artists use krayolan?" They usually reply with its the best or it screen makeup or something mn hal 6agga. Y3ni they make it sound like Kryolan is sooo good or something. But I honestly hate Kryolan! I dont hate hate it :/ but its ok. It has good products but there are products that are way better from other brands.

So why do kuwaiti artists use kryolan? Well its because Krayolan doesn't have a real store. Its not like MAC where MAC can only be sold at its MAC shop or MUFE and those things where you can only find them in make up places. Kryolan isn't like that, any artist can bring it to her salon nfs a shop, they get tester stands and products (which are used on you) and then you might buy the products from them later so that way the artist is getting the products for free and then you buy it from her if you like it.

My first make up stuff was all from Krayolan because before I used to see pics of celebritys and for example the makeup artist was Alaa2 Dashty, I'd go ask her what did you use on her lips or whatever and she would show me the products and I would buy them.

Another Example would be my favorite Artist Bassam Fattouh. He always uses Clarins now because he has been given the clarins stand (mwjod awal ma tdshon his salon) o he gets paid for using it. Im sure if you'd ask him whats the best brand, he would tell you Clarins!

Its all about business.


Anonymous said...

Kryolan foundation is the best i've ever used! It makes ur skin look flawless and so smoooothh! It's v good for weddings cuz u look great in the photos. 9j lama a76 mna i stand out mn between the girls :P I really like kryolan's eyeshadows as well.. madre a7eb ths brand :D

Hi Maintenance said...

maybe you like the extra foundation. This one is full coverage = heavy .. I like my skin to look perfect but as natural as possible

Anonymous said...

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