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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Apply For a MAC Pro card

There's so many reasons why you should!!

What you get:
-20% discount in middle east MAC Stores and 40% in the UK and US
-Get to see latest trends from the website
-Talk to other artists
-Attend make up meetings
-Attend free make up Master classes from the professionals
-View master class videos
-Get tips from top MAC artists
-Invitations to pro parties

Its easy! This is What you need to do:
-Fill in application
- Send your portfolio ( take pics of your work) to any MAC store and must be approved that its your work
-Get a letter of recommendation

How I got mine:
I took a make up course in the UK, took pics of the models at the end of the day, I filled in the form, the makeup teachers signed and did what they had to do and I found my MAC pro card after a month in the mail.

The card lasts for a year, but you can renew it online. I LOVE my MAC pro card and the benefits I get from the website!! They're so useful


Nawarii said...

wowwwww this is so cool ...mashallah ya3ni u put professional makeup...post pics sometime i wanna see...yarait i can get this card i would seriously buy everything from mac from the US though cuz its way cheaper lol ...bas lil2asaf ma3indi qodorat fil makeup...

Hi Maintenance said...

Nawarii- I KNOW This is maybe the best part of getting into the Make up business (after all the free samples ofcourse) :P .. Im planning on getting lebanese models in the summer and post pics then.. tra make up tara maybeila shay, just keep practicing and i hope my blog somehow helps

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