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Friday, 25 December 2009

Send In Your Questions!!

Have any questions?? Post any question here for one month whenever you want and all answers will be answered 1 month from today.

Im going to feature people on my blog, so whatever question you have, ill find the right person to answer it for you!!

Questions will be answered either by me, hair stylist, dermatologist (for all your skin concerns), gynecologist (for any female related problems) and an orthodontist (for any questions on teeth!).

Should be fun, So send in your questions


Anonymous said...

hi, umm, i read all your posts daily and i find them very helpful but i have a question, i don't get breakouts alot, but i do have scars from previous breakouts, and they just won't go away! and that cream for scars you posted you said it's only available in the states? so i was wondering what could be helpful to remove these scars! thankyou

Anonymous said...

hey... i love ur blog..its so helpful!
i hve a couple of questions ... u know the Neutrogena Wave Duo Power Cleanser,, does it come with a neutrogena liquid cleanser? wela its empty and u can use any facial wash? .. if it comes with the liquid inside ...can u fill it with ur own facial wash when its empty?
Thank uu;;*

Anonymous said...

Well it might be too late but is it possible that you are aware of a good dermatologist who is an expert with botox for male skin? It's really important that he is will experienced with men since the skin thickness, type and features are drastically different than women.
It will be a great help if you know such doctor.

Anonymous said...

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