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Monday, 7 December 2009

Best Eyeliners

The best eyeliner to me may not be the same to you, this is because what we look for in an eyeliner differs. Example you may want it to be waterproof, black, cheap... Here are my faves in each category;-

best BLACK eyeliner:
Feline khol power eye pencil by MAC- I just mentioned this 2 days ago ;P I love how dark and shiny it is.

best creamy eyeliner:
Stila kajal eye liner- I love using this as a base or when i want to smudge my eyeliner to give the effect of 2nd day makeup. Its so creamy you can smudge it easily.

best cheap eyeliner:
Bourjois khol & Contour - yes it is cheap but I prefer this to many other brands and it used to be my fav eyeliner until feline came along.

best waterproof eyeliner:
Make up forever Aqua eyes- if your eyes are teary, and you dont like to re-apply your eyeliner, this is the one for you

best for various shades:
we have a tie!
24/7 glide on by urban decay and sephora colored eyeliners - there so many shades that are really pretty and the quality is good, they show up on skin and last.

best gel eyeliners:
tie again
Bobbi brown long wear gel eyeliner and clinique gel liner- this can be used on the inner rims, eye lid, can be smudged etc.. gel liners are multi purpose use.

So if you're still looking for a good eyeliner, you may wanna consider the ones i mentioned ;)


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