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Monday, 21 December 2009

Cindrella and some random

*Last week I saw a girl wearing the hottest over the knee boots ever. I never really liked above the knee boots but this one,


So I rushed over to ask her mn wain oo on my way I shft nas a3rfhom o 3la mayslmon o madre shino.. I LOST THE GIRL!! :(

A few days later, I saw the girl at the same place :P wearing the same boot :p and I asked her! Galatli mn Bershka 2

weeks ago but they're already sold out in the avenues, I should try Marina. I immediately went to Marina oo loya o it was sold out

(they only got in 10 pairs) but they told me they will call me later and give me the one on the mannequin. YaYY

Today I went over to pick my pair of hot over the knee boots o I was in a rush .. when I got home wla they're not my

size! they're 38 wana 39! So I put them in the freezer right now ymkn i can fit my foot in. O bachir im gona try to take it to
this shoe place he has this thing that stretches the shoes. Right now I feel like a Cinderella step-sis.


* Im going to try me time madre shisma for nails ili bil avenues this week.

*If you want to suggest any salon for any reason or a product you really love or even a tool, please list it in the comments i'm making a BEST OF 2009 list. So please contribute as it would make a better list!

* Did anyone hear about zait ilnamil? Or even tried it?

*Im loving Nicole Richies new House of Harlow jewelry collection you can view it at www.shopkitson.com

*3la 6ari Celebs, R.I.P Brittany Murphy who died yesterday at the age of 32. Clueless was one of my all time favorite movies.


Anonymous said...

bgoulech shai .. ana men fatra 9ayra agra ur blog o il 9ara7a FAATHEEEEEEEEEEE3!!!!!! A7IECH A7IEBCH A7IEBCH .. fa 7ta law we dont comment 3erfai enich u have TONS OF READERS

Even Sweeter said...

<3The HOH huge rings!! mu sej!

Single said...

abi ashoof the boot

Hi Maintenance said...

Anonymous- Thanks for your nice words. Comments make us interact its nice to know what you think.

Even sweeter- I <3 them too!!

Single- Inshallah, next post is for you :P

Anonymous said...

Heey ,, I really don't know were to start bs I have a lot of things to say:

1. Tawni aktishif your blog min um mit3ib o I simply LOVE it ;*

2. I've tried Tanya's lash extension 3ugob ma garait 3ana 3indich ,, let me say ina its not as good as I thought ,, ana I usually do it in london o its great bs ma3a tanya the glue went into my eyes lana she didn't dry it when she finished (stayed for hours can't open my eyes) o plus ma 9arli 3 days o already shakilhum mu 7ilo wa7id rakib 3ala ithani o mat7i6 3ala every single lash. You should try Jenny lashes in London 9ij yiswa

3. The chanel jade nail polish is sold out everywhere ya3ni insaay likuwait iyeebona ,, it was sold out the first week. But you can go to bubbles nail salon in Burj jassim the owner mixed some OPI colors and created a similar color wayiiid 7ilo !! You can book a manicure and try it .

4. Are you a fan of Bobbi Brown ? Ana I love there make up a7isa very soft 3ala ilwayh bs it gives you a complete coverage. O the gel eyeliner iyaniin black black.

5. The hunt to find the best hairstylist in kuwait is still on !! Ya3ni alah yir'6a ma a9baq my hair aw agi9a ila bi9aif aw bil winter itha safart ? ili bil kuwait 7adhum sishwar aw wavey (ya3ni maybe kilish kilish Nina aw Nabeela from Michelle salon)

* Sorry for the long comment
** Thanks for this amazing blog and keep up the good work ;p

AO ;*

Hi Maintenance said...

AO - awal shay thanks,

2- im sorry the lashes didn't go well with you :x I tried her awal mab6lat oo she did a great job! I just go to her now to do my nails.. give that a try :x I hate recommending things to others and then things turn out not so great

3-Chanel polish mwjood on ebay :P I MIGHT get it.. I'll put bubbles next on my list but this week im trying out me time madre shisma in avenues. o thanks for the suggestion

4- LOVE BB and their gel eyeliner I mentioned it was in my top in the Best eyeliners post!!

5- I KNOW thats what I go through :( bs lazm alga a great hairstylist. Nina and Nabeela from Carita you mean?

Loved your long comment ;P

Anonymous said...

Laa 3adii don't worry about suggesting a9lan I love to try new things ;p

Hahaha ee Carita ,, ista7ait agool carita lana everyone calls it michelle ;p

Me time iyaniiiin try the pepsi minx aw the gold , silver , aw metallic red ;p

AO ;*

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