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Thursday, 19 August 2010

TV guide

what are you watching this year??

  • Omaima at 3:35pm and 2 am on alrai Tv

  • Ayam ilfaraj at 4:30 pm on alrai

  • Zwarat 5ameis at 4:00pm on alwatan TV, 8 pm on qatan , 10 pm on abu dhabi, 11pm and 1 am on alwatan o watan plus.. ALL DAY

  • fwazeir meryam at 7:45  on ilqahira wlnaas

  • sahr il lail at 8 pm on ilwatanTv

  • zuhra o azwajha il 5 at 8 pm  on MBC1

  • shar nfoos at 9 pm on MBC1

  • lailat 3eed at 10 pm on MBC1  or 3 am qatar

  •  Qararik alwatan 12 pm or 1:30 am watan plus.. I loved todays show!! who saw it?

  • Shooji at 12 am on Fnoon

  • 3ayza atgwz at 1am on MBC1

  • mosalsalat 7aleema at 3 am on MBC1


Anonymous said...

This year I'm watching:

*Zwarat 5amees (which I love <3)

*3ayza atgawiz

*Lailat 3eed (I stopped watching it now !! Wayiid sa5eef !! Mu mat3oob 3alaih wil mumathileen mu ma3rofeen)

*Zuhra o azwajaha il 5amsa

*musalsalat 7aleema (just to make fun of her !)

That's it !


Hi Maintenance said...

ashwa im just watching zwarat 5meis o 7aleema.. 7aram 3laich laish make fun of 7aleema!! she looked nice until yesterday with the tellybubbies outfit! :P

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