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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Simple hair style

What do you think of this hairstyle?

remember "star" who did an old post on how to straighten hair??

well here's her take on a 5 second hairstyle,
 that can be useful when your out from morning and want to update your look for the evening.

tie your hair back with a hair bubble

part hair with your finger( scalp/ bubble part)

Flip hair inside

 and voila

Easy? I thought sooo!!


Dee said...

Just tried it and I love it! It is so simple and chic .. Ask star for some more tips and tricks. I need simple quick styles to use for different events!

Hi Maintenance said...

Dee- IT IS! and glad u like it too :D
well, she reads the comments.. inshallah she gets motivated and decides to give more tips n tricks ;)

Anonymous said...

sha3arna wayed ta3ab mn elstyling..so can you ask her to show us how she does her hair without straighting it or using any hot tools? (if she does that 6ab3an:P)

Zabo0o6a said...

Hehe that reminds me of the old days, mom used to do it for me 7g elschool and braid the ponytail ;)

AMANI said...

Yay thats hairstyle was very old fashion i didnt see any girl nowdays do it in the same way .. madree they come with il puff things w il seprayy t7eseen their hairs r so fake yabees mn kether ma ehowa wagef w ana no way a7e6 hal products on my hair... 3ala aiyam zaman maybe before 10 years ago kaan feeh plastic piece tenlaf weiya ilsha3ar w ta36ee man9'ar hal hairstyle... b9ara7aa enty shaja3teny asaweha 2morwo for work bs mn 3'eer il plastic thing aiyaam sanat alf w 76obah ..

very simple and very chic

i like it walla & thanks 4 help me gabel showaiya ga3da afakeer ooof my hair become too long w madree shino asaweeh i cant stay with the ponytail with my chic suit ily chenha desinged for men w albes.ha everyday wela ye9er shakly too formal/boring look everyday awo bema3na a9a7 cheny female with no sense of fashion which i hate when ppl thinks that way about me

Hi Maintenance said...

anonymous- inshallah soon youll see a heat free style!

zabo0o6a- cuutee

AMANI- ee thakarteni there was this plastic! thanks for reminding us!! we found a similar peice at claires and will do a post sometime soon :*

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