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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Where Have I Been??!

If you were wondering why I didnt post for such a long time .. Heres a summary..

First, after my last post.. I packed my bag and flew off to Dubai

It was my first time there.. and I didnt plan on traavelling this summer but since my parents were going to australia, Emirate airways gave them 3 nights at Armani Hotel and I thought I'd go join them!! :P

The corridor feels like a space ship; awal marra ashof chthy

you can walk to dubai mall its just a minute away..

 ofcourse theres stuff I didnt take pics of like how you can see whos at your door bl TV screen and you can open the door with the remote and all those fancy stuff..
I really enjoyed my stay at Armani!!

Emirate airlines also payed for the breakfast at Armani and gave my parents tickets to go up burj khalifa.. It was a geat offer  

Ive been looking for a jewellry box for a while! Found this at Burj khalifa for just 100 DHS.. This will do untill I find a large 1 + the price is VERY reasonable ;D

Seems like rayban necklaces will be the new habba!! I hope not!!
I saw these at bloomingdales and a few other shops ;x

Their F21 has SO MANY rings!! These are a few of the ones I got..

These tea thingies look fun even though I dont drink tea bs madre if freinds come over or something these would look cool ;p Theres many different designs, you can find these at s'uce boutique in DM

and some thing you must give a try are these tuffles!! They are DELISSHHHHHH

White choc. Oreo is my fav!!

I stayed the whole time at Dubai mall just went to wafi to check out a few boutiqes that were recommended to me like ValleyDez and similar stores..

on my way back I stayed at the airport alone so decided to try timeless spa at the airport while I was waiting for boarding..

I tried the food massage I think its called reflexology or something but whatever.. I think the massage chair at the lounge was wayyyyy better! and I payed for that 400 DHS ( madre cham kuwaiti)

and looks whats opening up at their airport!! :X PINKBERRY is spreading its fever

o thats it.. I came back to find out that our maids ran away!! And thats why I have been busy :)

anyway, To order your own truffles, click here


Zabo0o6a said...

I lovedddd the ringsss !
laish f21 ka7yan ehneee :(
whaaaat all of the maids ran away? shloon? what happened?

Dalal;* said...

im in love with ur blog it's my favourite and it's my first time to write a comment in ur blog ;)
i wanted to ask which saloon do u recommend for wavy hair triple saloon or betty boop ? i want something simple i tried lashes but i didnt like it at all wayid over

Hi Maintenance said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hi Maintenance said...

zabo0o6a- their rings 3jebeen! mo ka7yan but things finish quickly in kuwait! wallah madre, malhom 7iss

Dalal;*- Thanks!! o inshallah mo a5ir comment :D b9ara7a I dont do my hair wavy alot, kila straight o majrbt or shift anyone doing wavy at betty boop-
at triple I didnt do wavy either, It was more like princess jasmin (aladin) hair, then the hair would open we9ier china wavy but it was simple and nice
how about beautiq? bs mwa3eidhom moshkilla..

Nouf said...

Aww kint fe Dubai o magiltele :p

I hope u liked it <3

zuz said...

oh nafs my ring :p elly 3la tiger face

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