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Friday, 27 August 2010

eye brow tattoo

I sometimes like the look of tattood eyebrows..
heres how to get the look withought going under the needle ;)

Step 1:
get a small amout of kryolan plastic, rub between your fingers until it warms up and spread on your brows

Step 2:
go over the paste on your brows and cover your eye lid with concealor

step 3:
go over your brows with compact powder to make it easier to draw your "new brows"

Step 4:
put on your eyeshadow

Step 5:
draw in brows with MUFE waterproof eyebrow tattoo

Step 6 :
highlight your browbone and the results should look something likeee...

-Thanks Bibi ;*


Bibi said...

Any time angel :*

ChuBBy-Doll said...

i use the one from benifit 3ajeeb feeh 2 colors black o brown .. u should gve it try ..

Nouf said...

Aww this is so cool :) might try it in the future :)

Thanks for sharing *hug*

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