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Sunday, 29 August 2010

OPI swiss collection - Fall '10

I think Im getting..

Color so hot it berns:

Diva of Geneva

and Ski teal we drop:

To veiw swatchs of the whole collection, click here

OPI swiss collection is now available at Me Time Nail Spa- Avenues


Zabo0o6a said...

I lovedddd the teaaaaaaal !

doona said...

i jst stumbled upon your blog today!

i love love love your reviews and ideas!!

keep up the GREAT work! :D

AMANI said...

OMG the last color mo 9ij

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just stumbled upon your blog and since my sleeping pattern is really screwed I got to read every single post. (Yes, I was that hooked about what you had to offer.) I just wanted to say that I loved every single post you did and I think you're one of the few Khaleeji bloggers that actually know what they're talking about. I hope to read some more soon. Thank you.

Another-Penelope said...

Girl I so in love with your blog , keep it up :D I love the colors

Hi Maintenance said...

Zabo0o6a- ee eyanin!!

Doona- Thanks! :* glad to know u enjoy it!! inshallah :D

Amani- <3

Anonymous- Thanks!! your comment made my day!! :D glad to know some people enjoy reading as much as I enjoy posting

Another penolope- Thanks for the love :**

Anonymous said...

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