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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Perfection- ADD Ons

Anyone these days can look perfect

Starting off with these things that you can either just glue /clip/ wear and remove by the end of the night.. They ALL make a huge differance in the way you look

  •  Hair extensions; for length, volume .. lovely hair is important and can boost confidence alot!

  • Contact lenses  I cant beleive Paris Hiltons real eye color is brown! she looks so different

  •  fake lashes make a big difference too.. I loved this example

  •  nail extensions: whether your nails dont grow.. you dont like your nail shape.. Im not sure nail extentions do make a huge differance overall but they are part of the glue ons.. 

  • Padded bras can make an A cup turn into C

  •  Corsettes! I <3!! but they hurt! I love how tiny a waiste can get with a corsette

  • and the latest.. Padded bottoms :P

 so not everyone you see is really perfect every one has atleast 1 secret :P 
this is just part 1 ( things you can add on/ glue or clip)


zuz said...

LOOL we3 makwat'ha (sorry) etlawi3 elchabd ;p

hmm min wain neshtreh hal corset?? abeee ;p

Lady ToMa said...

hhhhhh we all wanna be perfect no mater what

Hi Maintenance said...

Zuz- Tfashil! :P madreee? online!!

LaDy ToMa- WE DO!

Enigma said...

hahaha 3ajeeb el post reminded me of so3ad 3abdallah when she takes all these things off !

bas paris looks wayyyyyyy different and her lenses look so real !

And finally, i love padded bras :p

AMANI said...

7alemaaaa!! 7oosh ilwaad ily metsha3be6 waraa LOOOOL XD

ama Paris lenses look so real ma 3abaly she has brown eyes in real .. sema3t enhom markat Elegance

Evin said...

does anyone know from where we can get these types of Corsets??

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