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Thursday, 23 September 2010


Hey everyone!

sorry I havent posted for 2 weeks but Ive been really busy with 3eed and now weddings
but anyway im nearly done and will be back to daily blogging :D


What have I been up to? Wallah not much, before 3eed I'd spend the whole day at the salon just to get 1 thing done! Its still the same now, salons are still packed and some are fully booked a week ahead!


Im also cleaning out my closet, making space for my new fall items and giving away all the unwanted clothes for charity

If you cant decide on what to keep or throw, Throw things that:

  •  dont fit
  •  doesnt flatter your body shape
  •  not appropriate for your age/ lifestyle
  •   also, if you havent worn it in the past year- youll probably never wear it

I've already filled up 4 bags now and working on the 5th



I called them and gave them our address, they bring around 10 bags to you .. you fill them up and call them for them to pick up again







If you cant see the number, its: 99916634- 99916624



Also, a few of the next posts will be from my friend Awtha7 ;*

Stay Tuned!!


Anonymous said...

good job!
I do the same every 3 to 5 months :)

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