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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Eyeliner tips

If you have trouble with eyeliner its maybe because of the brush or wand your using

when you hold a pencil or pen you hold it from the beginning

 Most eyeliner wands are like this and they are hard to hold and far from tip (unlike pencil pic above)

or not practical / too thin

If you do have trouble with holding the brush or find it hard to draw eyeliner, I recommend diorliner

its like a pen, easy to hold, the brush is perfect and you twist the end of the wand to get more liquid on the tip

downside;- Its not jet black but it will get you started!! move onto something different when you can draw your eyeliner with ease

- doesn't last long.. with daily use it can last for 2 months

Price? was 9 now KD13 something


Anonymous said...

bobbi brown gel eyeliner and their brush is the best and easiest eyeliner I've used. And they also have the prettiest colors. Better in my opinion than the dior eyeliner, which Ive used and ddnt rly like, it was too liquidy. But the bobbi brown ones are perfect !

Hi Maintenance said...

questionq8- I agree that bobbi eyeliner is better, I use it too..(not talking about the color).. I noticed people (begginers) find it easier to use the dior because with bobbi you need to redip the brush o maybe have too much or too little product on etc..

Lady ToMa said...


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