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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Models Own

My Friend was showing me some models own nail polishes and I wasnt interested
until she told me that they are sold here in K-town!!
They do have pretty colors on their website

Models Own nail polishes are sold at River Island and I didnt know that!

Well, theres not many colors to choose from, I hope they bring more..

Price? KD3.500

Ok 1 more thing ;p .. I hate how overpriced some local shops/botiques/ online stores are

This is a great example of 1 of them

The original price of this nailpolish is 5 pounds = Kd2.500

adding a few KD is acceptable

but why 3 x the original price?

(mo bs 3l nailpolishes other stuff like dresses or whatever, klshay 3 x original price)


newly_wed said...

which nail polish u prefer most?

AMANI said...

OMG OMG 10 K.D shinoo ba3ad mn 3.500 ly halse3er !

bs madree ma 7aset.hom shadony a7es.hom 3adeen! shino ilshay ilmomayaz fehom ?

Another-Penelope said...

madre 3nhom 7rameya bs allaah thanks babi for sharing

Saku said...

Its true about the price thing..Anyway ADORE UR BLOG!!!KEEP IT UP n_n

Another-Penelope said...

they sell it at river island marina mall too

Hi Maintenance said...

newly wed- You mean brand? OPI

AMANI- EE its more expensice than the chanel polishes loool! yea these colors arent that nice bs shofai their site they got nice colors!

Another Penelope- Yup its sold at all river islands I mentioned in the post ;*


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