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Friday, 20 August 2010

M.A.C - Jam3eeyat jnoob ilsurra

MAC make up at jm3eyaat jnoob ilsurra!!!!!!

MAC Lipsticks, glosses and some pigments

MAC studio finish foundation o pressed powder

MAC Blushes..

some never seen before hello kitty loose powder blush and eyeshadows

eyebrow powder/shadow

Hello kitty blushes and eyeshadows

Eyeliners and lipliners


did you notice anthing diffrent??

The products are FAKE MAC (knock offs)

I think its obvious!! bs my friend thought its the real deal!!

 I asked the sales girl if its real or fake and she said everything is 100% MAC products!

 I then told her fi ashyaa2 awal mara ashofha!
galat ee, some things never came to kuwait and thats why shes selling them, like the hello kitty she thinks we never received them

so I asked her how did she get the products at a lower price?
 coz if you know MAC well, they NEVER do discounts/sales unless you own a MAC PRO card!
 galat she got it from london, ma5zan madre mokan ebe3on bljomla.. ok I know there is a CCO but they sell discontinued products and not products at a lower price

o since when does mac sell its products chthy at a booth??

Im not saying dont go buy, bs she should have said the products are fake o let you the customers decide whether you want to put this unknown brand that you dont know what they're using on your face or not.
Alot of girls at the booth asked if her products were really from MAC and when she says yes they start buying and alot of products are already sold out

ilmohim if your interested in getting a some of these products, you can locate this booth at jm3yat jnoob il surra infront of starbucks

prices? are around KD3


Her said...

my sis got a hello kitty lipstick from them but still i think there is sth fishy about it!

RuBY_GLooM said...

The Logo is not like M.A.C Logo .. picture of the liners shows a large MAC on them. and the lipstick is different. to me ,, everything looked different ..

Anonymous said...

Don't u guys in kuwait have hay2at mukafa7at al*3esh? I think u should give them a call! Aside from it being unethical, U never know what these cheap "FAKE" cosmetics are made from..


Hi Maintenance said...

Her: ;/ she thought it was the real thing?

RuBy GLooM: I guess not everyone is that familiar with MAC logo or how the product looks like exactly

Anonymous: Wallah madree ;X

Fiend said...

They are knock offs from thailand or malaysia.... not from london... seriously do you think she'd get away with that in the UK?? dont think so sweetheart... i wouldnt risk buying anything cuz you dont know whats in them....

Anonymous said...

the sale lady told me this mac from Canada !! that's why its cheap, lool
also they sale the broken product for the half price !

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