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Friday, 23 July 2010

Casa Spa

Ever since I tried Queen nails, I have not given any other home service a try- the experience was HORRIFIC

But this time I got a voucher from Spoil me Boutique (after purchasing the lovely black dress) worth KD20 so I said why not? Ive got nothing to loose

The gift certificate came with an apple and a candle and everything like the pic above and I started getting flashbacks of how well Queen nails presentation and decorations were but how bad the service was :x

anyway I called and booked an appointment for today at 3pm

Casa spa came 5 mins earlier to set up the place..

Candles? Check.. Hot drink? Check..

Great nail color selection? Check

Relaxing music? Check

Apple? Check ;x

now the important part...


She started with putting anti-bacterial products in the water..

cut and shaped my nails

and then used this scrub which had sesame seeds in it

then wrapped my hand and feet with a hot towel

Then put charcoal and milk to soften

covered it with plastic and covered my leg with cling film..

and then a hot stone massage

she then applied my chosen nail polish

and then it was time to leave ;(

My therapist:

Finished nails: nail color- Essie chinchilli

Toe nails- Essie haute as hello

It was really nice and well done.. my nail shape is better, skin is whiter and softer
 Lyn knows what she was doing and I might get her to do my nails again..

The treatment I did was the Asian Fusion
its worth KD 25 ( I added KD5 to the voucher).. Im not sure Id do the exact treatment again, china KD25 wayid..

But anyway regular mani and pedi with scrub is for KD 12

Casa spa also offer tanning services, body massages, moroccan baths

the process took 2 Hours

Im impressed :D me like :)

* everything done was done to my hands and feet

To book an appointment with casa spa call : 66889233
or visit their website


Loudina said...

ohh ana 7a6a chinchilly now! :D shrayich bel color? my mama etgool china 6een:p

Hi Maintenance said...

Our nails are twins right now!! :D
its prettyyy! but im not crazy inlove with the color .. 7ram 3laiha mo 5ayis or any thing like 6een :/ taqyeer from all the bright colors ..

umm dhari said...

dear hi maintenance you remember your valuable post about foundations

you suggested by terry for me
my question : is it ok for summer?
is it flash friendly?

if I didn't find my shade do you have other recomendation?

Hi Maintenance said...

Um Dhari- put your email o delete the comment after.. Ill get back to u by email

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