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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Get Your beauty sleep!

I know we all want to get atleast 8 hours of sleep without getting disturbed. Many of us find it hard to sleep with the following reasons:

#1 Hubby snoring

#2 Annoying neighbours

#3 Mom talks on the phone near your room

#4 Dogs barking/ birds tweeting

#5 Someone watching TV

#6 Workers!!

#7 Sis alarm, mobile ringing etc

Which of the reason apply to you?? Im nearly all!!

For the past 2 days Ive been wearing my ear plugs and sleeping as long as I want

whats diffrent with these plugs is that you can re-shape them to perfectly fit your ear

you too, can get your 8h + of sleep for just KD0.750  from any pharmacy


Anonymous said...

birds tweeting and cars honking :(

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