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Friday, 20 March 2009


I went to Vavavoom Avenues to get a new foundation, the last one I had was Chanel( pro lumiere)and i didn't like it AT ALL. So this time i wanted to try the "Oh so gorgeous" by benefit. But when I went to check it out, they only had 2 shades, this kind of foundation goes on creamy but then ends up powdery. Anyway another sales assistant insisted I check out the brand terry which i have never heard of before. So i did and she showed me their foundation ( I tried it on my face) and it looked great. The foundation comes in a tube with a brush, you know like the YSL touche eclait? yea its like that and i liked it but i didn't want to buy it because I dint know the brand. well I ended up buying it and I have use it several times and IT IS AMAZING. Its my favorite foundation right now! The problem is they don't have alot of shades so some people might not find a right shade. You should go check it out anyway i also got a green pencil liner but I still didn't use it.

For those who want to know the price of the foundation, well its KD 18.
Other foundations i like are Armani silky foundation, Dior (Airflash spray foundation), M.A.C studio Fix, Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation with SPF and now im going to add TERRY


Anonymous said...

thanks sweety what a nice review i bought it a year ago from paris it is lovely but it didn't match my skin color.

my obsession is (MIneral Foundation)
have you tried it IT'S Incredible very light weight and you can build your coverage level.

by the way consider me the first follower I LOVE beauty blogs.

you go girrl .

Hi Maintenance said...

thanks for stopping by and im glad you liked the review... I did say that Terry did not have alot of shades but luckily "Vanilla" was perfect for my skin color.

I am going to start trying out mineral foundations, The first one im going to try will be Elizabeth ardens.

And i just wanted you to know that i stoped posting recently because I want to fix my camera so i can show you guys the products and what things are like.

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