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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Zero Degrees

Passed by Zero degrees today after my salon visit and let me tell you I WAS IMPRESSED!

awal marra I like a Fro-yo place this much!!

I liked that their location is near my salon so Im gona pass probably every time I go to the salon

I loved the atmosphere o 3la ism the place zero degrees everything was white and blue.. looks fun

I loved their super friendly staff

The best part is that they have all my favourite fruits including
watermellon, pomegrante, mango, plums, blueberries,
 strawberry, passion fruit, kiwi, pineapple o mathakkar what else
and also the chocolate section

I always ask who the owner is of places I like, and the staff told me that the owners of zero degrees are 3 young men who are all single and usually come at night :P

ma9awart the place cuz my phone camera froze while I was there (seriously) but I took a few snaps when I got home..

Ice monsters :P

Zero degrees is located in jabriya infront of Salad boutique


Anonymous said...

wayed kan latheeth o el 7lo ina healthy

Anonymous said...

could you please do a post on the salons that you like .. for example the one you like that is near zero degrees?


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