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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

bedroom- Tasree7a

So yeah.. Last thing before I travelled was a bedroom post

I looked for a tasree7a that would suit me but didnt find one in any of the furniture shops so I decided to make my own...

In my drawers...
face powders..

      lots of random brands including Krayolan, NARS, Chanel, Bare minerals, UD

                                                        Random eyeshadow palettes, lashes etc..


Bobbi brown, Laura mercier, YSL, MUFE

random un-used products..

some lipsticks/ glosses

mascaras, lipliners, eyeliners etc..

I love how I got electricity everywhere
this switch is for the bulbs..

Im done with the tasree7a even though I've still got some organizing work to do.. Yabeeli A magnifing mirror, a chair and a big lamp .... Im taking forever to finish my room right? ;P

Got this done at smartwood.. 7 Zones- shwaikh

I wanted to do some makeup shopping the other day while I was at the mall since we didnt find much nice clothes but my friend does not enjoy makeup shopping :( so I'll probably go tomorrow

I need to repurchase my Estee lauder turbo lash, BB gel liner o bashoof what else I like
any product recommendations would be appriciated :*


Anonymous said...

Not bad, wouldn't be easier for you to get a ready made one from one of the salon furniture suppliers, they have those designs for makeup rooms. And I bet you can get your remaining items which you have in mind.

Hi Maintenance said...

make up rooms shino feihom? table o mirror ;/ .. when I add the chair and lamp its gona look diff ;)

Anonymous said...

your design is nice, but I think you got mixed up between the styling mirror and the makeup mirror. Actually they come ready equipped with lights, mirror, drawers and power plugs, just like the ones you see at movies backstage where actresses are treated by makeup artists.

Anonymous said...

Lovelyyyyy......Heaven abiiiiiiiii enjoy

Anonymous said...

where are the salon furniture suppliers? i need 1 too

Anonymous said...

I think Madi International and Nazih Company offer their services in Kuwait

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